New Frontiers in Behavioural Economics

Elizabeth Kelly PSM, Professor Sendhil Mullainathan, Assistant Professor Ziad Obermeyer, Professor Michael Hiscox, Professor Brigitte Madrian

IPAA ACT and the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) hosted behavioural economics’ global star Professor Sendhil Mullainathan, rising young academic Assistant Professor Ziad Obermeyer and Professor Brigitte Madrian. In his first visit to Australia, Sendhil presented on predictive policy – how it can solve some of society’s most difficult problems and why it matters to government policy making. His research is paving the way in solving social problems with behavioural economics, relevant for all policy makers and public servants.

Video content and photos of the event are available below.
Our In Brief on Berhavioural Economics can be found here.

A highlights video package of the event (7 minutes) is available below or on Vimeo.

A complete video of the event (1 hour 12 minutes) is available below on on Vimeo.

A selection of photos is provided below.

A capacity audience at Gandel Hall attend the New Frontiers in Behavioural Economics event. 

Audience engagement indicating the areas of greatest untapped potential for predictive policy.


Professor Michael Hiscox and Professor Sendhil Mullainathan.


Professor Brigitte Madrian and Assistant Professor Ziad Obermeyer.