Public Sector Innovation Awards

The Public Sector Innovation Awards  aim to recognise, celebrate and share innovative approaches to public administration in the Commonwealth and ACT Governments.

2017 Awards

The 2017 Public Sector Innovation Awards will open for nominations on 1 March 2017 on our brand new Awards platform.  Further information will be posted here very soon!

Purpose of the Awards

A successful public service is one that can find new and better ways of doing things, and that can solve problems in new ways. It is one where new ideas are tried and tested, and where old approaches are phased out and replaced with new, more suitable and effective methods. It is one that is innovative.

The Public Sector Innovation Awards were created to better recognise and celebrate the innovative work that occurs within the public service and provide a platform to share and showcase innovative approaches across the Commnwealth and ACT Governments. A goal of the Awards is to encourage others to adopt more innovative approaches to public administration.

Why Nominate?

Have you, or someone you work with, been involved with trying to improve the work of the public sector? The Awards are seeking to recognise such efforts, to help:

  • highlight innovation within the public sector;
  • spread the good ideas that have been put into practice, and the lessons learnt; and
  • foster a culture that supports and celebrates people and agencies doing things differently.

Nominations are encouraged for projects that are in the early stage of implementation through to well-established initiatives. Nominations are also encouraged for initiatives or projects that may not have been successful (for whatever reason) but where there were valuable lessons or insights that will inform future attempts.


Any individual, work unit, group or team of a Commonwealth or ACT Government entity may nominate an initiative for the Awards. Eligible initiatives can be large in scale and impact across the organisation (or multiple organisations), or they can be small in scale and impact at a more local level (or anywhere in between).

2016 Awards

The inaugural Public Sector Innovation Awards last year were a great success. 83 nominations were received from across the Commonwealth Government. Of these, 12 finalists across four categories pitched their idea to a panel of judges in June 2016 (watch video).

Category winners were presented with their awards at a ceremony in July 2016. See the winners here, including a video of the Awards ceremony.  Find more information about the 2016 Awards here.