2016 Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence

The Institute of Public Administration Australia is calling for nominations for the 2016 Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence. 


Nominations are open from 20 April 2016 to 25 July 2016. Further information, including a nomination kit, is provided in the related documents tab on this page.

Only public sector organisations are eligible to nominate, but any work unit, group or team within the Commonwealth, state/territory and local government may nominate in the Awards. Cross-agency or whole-of-government initiatives are also eligible and are strongly encouraged. Initiatives that involve other organisations, private sector and/or community-based organisations are also eligible, but only if the initiative is sponsored by the nominating public sector organisation.

Eligible initiatives can be large in scale and impact across the entire organisation (or multiple organisations), or they can be small in scale and impact at a more local level (or anywhere in between).

The Awards focus on specific initiatives and are based on organisations demonstrating success against four demanding criteria. They are designed to honour the achievements of public sector work groups, units and teams rather than individuals.

Organisations need to demonstrate the ability to devise and implement innovative customer-focused initiatives. They must also demonstrate that their success was not accidental—it must have been the result of a methodical and sustainable approach to improving the organisation’s practices in client satisfaction, leadership, people management, change management, planning, governance and innovation.

The Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of the Department, Agency, Authority or Office must endorse each Award nomination. This endorsement signifies agreement to the conditions of the Awards. For multi-agency nominations, the Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of all agencies involved should provide endorsement.


The Awards are based on the IPAA Excellence in Public Sector Management Model, which draws on the best features of international excellence frameworks and assessment methodologies. It combines these with concepts and practices in a way that contextualises these Awards more closely with the Australian Public Sector, across all three tiers of government.  


There are many benefits in nominating for the Awards, including:

  • supporting a focus on outcomes and results within your organisation
  • using the preparation for the nomination as an opportunity to review a major initiative/program or to consolidate understanding about the outcomes, and
  • receiving a comprehensive feedback report from the assessors that identifies areas for ongoing improvement.


There are eight steps that you need to be completed before submitting a nomination. They are:

  1. Complete the Coversheet
  2. Write an Introduction and an Outcome Statement
  3. Write a twenty-word initiative description
  4. Address the Awards Criteria and Assessment Dimensions
  5. Make sure that you have provided the required number of copies of your nomination, and any supporting evidence, in the size and formats specified in the Nomination Guidelines (see related documents tab)
  6. Itemise relevant Supporting Evidence in the appropriate parts of the Nomination Template as well as in the Evidence Glossary at the end of the nomination
  7. Include the full payment required (pay online using the 'Pay Now' button in the sidebar), and
  8. Review the Checklist to make sure that you have finished all steps in the nomination process.


More detailed information is provided in the nomination kit (see related documents in side bar) which includes:

  • The Invitation to Nominate
  • The Awards Guidelines
  • The Awards Checklist
  • The Awards Nomination Template
  • The Diary of a Nomination Writer
  • The IPAA Excellence Model

  • Pay for Nomination
  • Payment for the 2016 Awards is closed.


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