IPAA ACT 2018 Conference Session D

The IPAA ACT Conference 'Fit for the Future?' was held on Wednesday 7 November. Session D What's Next? saw Carmel McGregor PSM, Dr Steven Kennedy PSM, Kathy Leigh and Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM build on the previous session by discussing the immediate priorities for federal and state governments and what can we do now in advance of the Independent Review of the APS concluding.

A video of the session (duration 53 minutes) is available above or on IPAA's Vimeo channel here.
A transcript of Session D is available here.
A selection of photos are available below. Please contact IPAA for high resolution versions.

(above: Carmel McGregor PSM and Dr Steven Kennedy PSM)


(above: Kathy Leigh and Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM)


(above: questions from the audience)

(above: the panel in discussion)