EA Series | Your Future as an EA

(above L-R: Drew Baker, Bev Sims, Jacqueline O'Brien, Melinda Varley and Sarah Purdue)

On 7 September 2018 IPAA and the EA Series Committee ran an event where they considered a few issues, including:

  • Thinking about your EA career pathway and where you are heading.
  • Discussed how to spot and create opportunities in your EA career.
  • Consider the techniques for career discussions and interviews.

This event was a panel discussion that provided some different perspectives on career progression and personal development. The panel included speakers with three different viewpoints. 

Documents - a selection of tips are provided below. 

IPAA wishes to acknowledge the support of Hays, who was our partner for this event:

Photos - a selection of event photos are provided below. 

(above L-R: Sarah Purdue and Bev Sims)

(above L-R: Jacqueline O'Brien and Melinda Varley)

(above L-R: panel in discussion)