CEF | Evidence Based Policy and Evaluation: Towards a New Professionalism

IPAA and the CEF enjoyed hosting Dr Nicholas Gruen, the CEO of Lateral Economics and Chairman of the Open Knowledge Foundation, and the discussion that followed.

Dr Nicholas Gruen 
Lateral Economics and Chairman of the
Open Knowledge Foundation

In this session, Dr Nicholas Gruen offered his insights on evidence-based policy, exploring the intellectual and organisational requirements of an evidence based culture and elaborated upon the idea of an Evaluator-General which he proposed in his recent submission to the Review of the Australian Public Service – available here.

Presentation- To view Dr Gruen's powerpoint presentation, please click here
To view our recent In Brief on Program Evaluation click here.

Photos - a selection of event photos are provided below.

(Above: Alison Larkins opening event, Dr Nicholas Gruen presenting)

(Above: Audience listening to presentation)