In Brief | Summer Reading 2017

The following resources are newly published items on public administration that may make for interesting reading over summer.

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A new monograph, Multi-level Governance: Conceptual challenges and case studies from Australia investigates the challenges—both conceptual and practical—of multi-level governance processes. It draws on a range of cases from Australian public policy, with comparisons to multi-level governance systems abroad, to understand factors behind the effective coordination and management of multi-level governance processes in different policy areas over the short and longer term.

The authors are academics and past public servants from different jurisdictions, which allows previously hidden stories and processes of multi-level governance in Australia across different periods of government to be revealed and analysed for the first time. This volume is part of the Open access monographs series published by ANZSOG and ANU Press in November 2017.
Six articles were shortlisted as finalists in the 2017 Sam Richardson Award for best articles in the Australian Journal of Public Administration. The subjects they covered give a good sense of how IPAA’s professional journal is engaging with some of the big challenges facing public administration. Read the two Award winning articles online by going through the IPAA portal [User name: ipaa Password: ajpa].
Co-production of public services in Australia: the roles of government organisations and co-producers. John Alford, Sophie Yates. AJPS v 75(2) pp 159-175.
Commercial lobbying in Australia: exploring the Australian Lobby Register. Darrin Halpin, John Warhurst AJPA v. 75(1) pp 100-111.
The Awards were presented at the IPAA National Conference Dinner on 14 November 2017
In their contribution to the 50th Anniversary edition of Policy Sciences on the Policy Space Kate Crowley and Brian Head recently revisited Rittel and Webber’s (1973) path breaking conceptualisation of wicked problems, in order to explore the origins of this paper, and to reflect upon why it has been of enduring significance in policy studies.
Read The origins, impact and significance of ‘wicked problems’ – Kate Crowley (University of Tasmania) and Brian Head (University of Queensland) 22 November 2017.
The original paper can be found at this link Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning (PDF). Policy Sciences. 4: 155–169.
A new Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) video summarises the findings of four separate audits related to the new planning and reporting rules brought in by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act, which covers both the public service and corporate bodies.

Watch Key insights from the ANAO’s PGPA audits on You Tube.
Digitisation and more demanding, pluralistic and networked societies are challenging the public sector to work in new ways. The October 2017 report Skills for a High Performing Civil Service looks at the capacity and capabilities of civil servants of OECD countries. It explores the skills required to make better policies and regulations, to work effectively with citizens and service users, to commission cost-effective service delivery, and to collaborate with stakeholders in networked settings. The report also suggests approaches for addressing skills gaps through recruitment, development and workforce management.

Again, on the future of work is the report Redesigning Work: how do governments, organisations, businesses and the workforce respond to change?This November 2017 report by Portable explores the future of work. It examines what work looks like today, how work is changing and what we can all do to prepare.To download this book, you will need to register your contact details.
This Australian Policy Online Feature Collection - Public Administration and Governance-features resources about public administration and management, public sector leadership, public value, policy and program evaluation, cross-jurisdictional and cross-sector collaboration, evidence-based policy and more. The collection is supported by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) as part of the Australian Policy Online & Australian Research Council Linked Data II Project.

Recent additions to the collection include:
Foreign Policy White Paper. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. November 2017.
Principles for Designing a National Integrity Commission. The Australia Institute. November 2017.

Is all stewardship equal? Developing a typology of stewardship approaches. Inaugural Issues Paper from the University of NSW Public Service Research Group (PSRG). November 2017
In this Issues Paper, the authors aim to advance the concept and utility of stewardship in contemporary public sector practice by reviewing the literature, explore what stewardship is, what is being stewarded and by whom and how stewardship is achieved.

Issues Papers are an original exploration of a theme relevant to public services.  These papers provide an account of the state of the art evidence and issues around an important theme for contemporary public services. Other papers from the PSRG can be found here.
There are some great resources available on Public Trust, which was a key theme of our 2017 National Conference. Following the conference, IPAA partnered with the Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra on a Research and Practice Day on 16 November. Click here and here for resources from the event.

Another great list of reading resources is the Grattan Institute's summer reading list for the Prime Minister (and his parliamentary colleagues. The list contains books and articles that Grattan believes "the Prime Minister - or indeeed any Australia - will find stimulating over the break.They're all good reads that say something interesting about Australia, the world and the future. Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister 2017.

In his 2017 Wentworth Lecture, entitled The promise of 1967: Commonwealth Public Administration of Indigenous Affairs 50 years on, Dr Martin Parkinson reflects on what the 1967 Referendum has meant for the evolution of Indigenous Affairs policy in Australia. The lecture is available as a video and a transcript.

A new special issue of the AJPA also reflects on 50 years of Commonwealth involvement in indigenous affairs. Features contributions by Linda Burney MP and Ian Anderson AO of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Read online by going through the IPAA portal [User name: ipaa Password: ajpa].


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