Canberra Evaluation Forum

The Canberra Evaluation Forum (CEF) is an inter-agency network of Commonwealth and ACT Government departments and agencies and some private sector companies interested in evaluation and performance management issues in the public sector.

Evaluation is an internationally recognised approach to public sector performance measurement. Australia is seen by many countries throughout the world as being at the leading edge of evaluation and performance management techniques.

Changes to Australian Government requirements and form of evaluations, reinforces and confirms the need for managers at all levels to be accountable for performance and evaluation and achievement of outcomes.

CEF sessions are usually held on the third Thursday of the month, between February and November, eight to ten times each year. Registration is made available on IPAA ACT’s website three weeks prior to the session. 

Facilitation Group

The Canberra Evaluation Forum is led by a volunteer Facilitation Group, which provides direction, session development, planning and governance oversight, and arranges guest presenters for the CEF.

The Facilitation Group ensures that the CEF remains relevant and contemporary by pursuing a yearly program with a topical theme, covering subjects such as:

  • government policy about management reform, performance management and evaluation
  • techniques for performance management and evaluation, and
  • case studies of evaluation and performance information from across government and private organisations.

The Facilitation Group seeks input from interested groups to ensure the program reflects the needs of participants, and to inform assessment of trends in new developments.

The Facilitation Group records its monthly meetings, and appoints a CEF Chair and Deputy Chair by consensus. All secretarial and administration for the CEF is managed by IPAA.

History of the Canberra Evaluation Forum

The Canberra Evaluation Forum (CEF) was established in 1990 through a Department of Finance initiative with the aim of promoting better practice in program and project evaluation.

In the late 1990s the CEF became a not for profit, unincorporated networking Association that facilitated a gathering of people for the purposes of presenting and discussing issues of common interest concerning program and project evaluation. 

In March 2013 the CEF formally became an IPAA ACT Division activity within the IPAA governance structure. A Memorandum of Agreement between the CEF and IPAA formalises operational procedures, administrative services and financial arrangements.



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