IPAA Events Timeline

Please find below a chronological index list of previous IPAA Events. 


17 December Flagship Address to the APS
3 December EA Series End of Year
26 November Women in Leadership Series Session Four
22 November Future Leaders Series End of Year
21 November Flagship Beyond the Hype | Human-Centred Design
15 November CEF Series Analysing Regional Government Intervention
7 November Conference (Full day) ACT Conference | Fit for the Future
1 November Women in Leadership Series Session Three
30 October Awards Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in the Public Sector Management
30 October Secretary Series Michael Pezzullo
9 October Future Leaders Series Future Leaders’ Executive Breakfast
9 October Flagship Embracing Policy Complexity | Making Systems Thinking Real in Government
26 September Secretary Series Kathryn Campbell CSC
25 September Women in Leadership Series Session Two
20 September CEF Series Improving Economic Evidence in Crime and Justice Evaluation
7 September EA Series Your Future as an EA
28 August Fit for the Future Independent Review of the Aps |Workshop
23 August Women in Leadership Series Williams Oration with Ann Sherry AO
10 August Flagship Australians Public Sector: Fit for Purpose. Fit for Future.
8 August Flagship Enabling Breadth and Depth of Expertise: Insights from the UK Civil Service
6 August Secretary Series Valedictory Address with The Hon John Lloyd PSM
2 August Fit for the Future Series Citizen at the Centre
31 July Flagship Risk and Innovation in the Public Sector
26 July CEF Series Evaluating Conflict Resolution in Central Australia
23 July Awards 2018 Public Sector Innovation Awards Ceremony
3 July Flagship Innovation Month 2018 Launch event
28 June Flagship Behavioural Insight: Global Perspectives
27 June Flagship Reflections on Advising Government: A US Perspective
13 June Conference (Half Day) Regulating in Fast Moving Times
6 June Flagship Evidence Perspectives: Redefining the Research-Policy Interface
5 June EA Series Diversity of Experience
17 May CEF Series Rethinking Cities for the 21st Century and Beyond
15 May Secretary Series Secretary Valedictory with Simon Lewis PSM
17 April Future Leaders Series Advice to the Younger Me
13 April Flagship Canada Australia Public Policy Initiative Lecture
12 April EA Series Conflict Management 101
22 March Fit for the Future Series Doing Policy Differently
20 March Flagship Artificial Intelligence and the Public Sector: Progress, Possibilities and Perils
15 March CEF Series Randomised Control Trials
28 February Women in Leadership Series The Hon Julie Bishop MP
22 February Flagship Innovation 2018: Developing Capability, Recognising Innovation
21 February Secretary Series Chris Moraitis PSM
20 February Flagship The Future Public Servant: Insights from Canada
14 February Future Leaders Series On the Couch with Virginia Haussegger AM


11 December Flagship IPAA and APSC end of year event - Address to the APS
30 November EA Series Synergy of a Secretary's Office
22 November Flagship Innovation Pop Up: Cyber and Data Event
15 November Conference (Full day) National Conference – Thinking Differently: Building Trust
14 November Awards Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management
3 November Conference (Half day) Public Sector Data Integration - Unlocking the Value of Australia's Public Data
20 October Future Leader’s Series CEOs and Future Leaders Breakfast with Deng Thiak Adut
19 October CEF series An ANAO Perspective 
17 October Secretary Series Secretary Valedictory with Martin Bowles PSM
10 October Flagship Transformation through Shared Services
8 September CEF Series Evaluation, Democracy and Social Justice
7 September Secretary Series Secretary Valedictory with Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM
6 September Future Leaders Series Learning Leadership: Risk and Resilience
29 August EA Series Career Development Panel
23 August Secretary Series Mike Mrdak AO
17 August CEF Series Targeting Disadvantaged Jobseekers
16 August Flagship Public Address by Gavin Slater, CEO of the DTA
26 July Awards Public Sector Innovation Awards
20 July CEF Series Special NAIDOC Week themed
26 June Future Leaders Series On the Couch: Alastair MacGibbon
16 June Flagship Marking 50 Years of Indigenous Affairs
15 June CEF Series Engaging with External Evaluators
7 June EA Series EA Masterclass - Short Hits of Training 
26 May Flagship Government Communication: A UK Perspective
18 May CEF series Delivering Better Services: User-Centred Service Design and Evaluation
17 May Flagship Coordination and Engagement: Australia's role in MH370
20 April CEF Series Using Evaluations to Inform Recommendations for Reform
6 April EA Series Recognising the Role with Rhana Crago PSM
4 April Flagship Managing our Natural Resources
28 March Flagship New Frontiers in Behavioural Economics
16 March CEF Series Evaluating a Better Regulation in a World of Disruption
3 March Women in Leadership Series Championing the Change
1 March Flagship Unlocking Potential and BRANDit
9 February Flagship AFP Commissioner's address on diversity in the AFP


13 December Flagship Census 2016: Lessons Learned - Improving Cyber Security Culture and Practice
6 December Flagship Annual Address to the APS
24 November Flagship Behavioural Economics by Default: Supporting Better Policy Outcomes
23 November EA Series Learning and Celebrating the Art of Networking
21 November Secretary Series Dennis Richardson AO
18 November Flagship Design for Social Inclusion
10 November Conference (Full day) IPAA ACT Conference - Thinking Big
27 October Secretary Series Dr Heather Smith PSM
20 October CEF Series Reflections on Evaluation
13 October Secretary Series Secretary Valedictory | Jane Halton AO PSM
22 September Flagship Data Visualisation
15 September EA Series EA Connections and Expectations
7 September Young Professionals Network Mental Wellbeing and Future Leaders
18 August CEF Series Evaluations That Made a Difference
28 July CEF Series Evaluating Collective Impact
27 July Awards Innovation Awards Presentation
28 June CEF Series Big Data Perspectives on Agile Evaluations
23 June Flagship Better Understanding the Drivers of Public Trust
21 June Young Professionals Network Networking event
21 June Secretary Series Martin Bowles PSM
15 June EA Series Launch
9 June Secretary Series Secretary Valedictory | Peter Varghese AO
4 June Flagship Public Interest Disclosure
19 May Awards Annual Report Awards presentation evening
10 May Secretary Series Michael Pezzullo
27 April Flagship Address by the Auditor-General of Australia
21 April CEF Series Statistics in Evaluation
20 April Falgship Prime Minister's Address to the APS
11 April Flagship Learning from Failure - Professor Peter Shergold AC
22 March Flagship Quit the Red Tape Habit - The Ultimate Bureaucratic Challenge
17 March CEF Series Evaluations – It’s Time for Diversity
16 March Young Professionals Network Young Professionals and CEOs Breakfast – Minister Roy
2 March Women in Leadership Series International Women's Day - Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
18 February Young Professionals Network Megatrends – The Future of Work