Fit for the Future

The ‘Fit for the Future’ event series aims to facilitate a dialogue around contemporary challenges in public administration. The series will involve future-focused conversations about the challenges ahead for the public service.
The series was launched by Frances Adamson at our ‘Doing Policy Differently’ event with keynote speaker, Dr Heather Smith PSM. Future discussions will extend the debate further to consider implementation, service delivery and the broader expectations of citizens and society.
This series of discussions will allow you to hear from leading thinkers and practitioners from across the public and private sectors, along with academics, the third sector, and other experts in the field. We will be encouraging voices from outside of Canberra and outside of the public sector, balanced with thought leaders from within the sector.
We hope that the ‘Fit for the Future’ event series will provide a useful contribution to the discussion that needs to occur in the context of the recently announced APS Review. The series will be present at the IPAA ACT annual conference on Wednesday 7th November being held at Hotel Realm, Canberra.