Future Leaders Program

The IPAA Future Leaders Program provides an exciting development opportunity for emerging and future leaders in public administration, to broaden perspectives and networks across the sector.

What is the purpose?

The program aims to provide emerging and future leaders with an opportunity to discuss and debate challenges relevant to them and, to broaden their perspective in public administration whilst networking with other participants from the public sector, the private sector and academia.

What is involved?

The program is an interactive series of five events and discussions, providing an opportunity for participants to contribute ideas on how the public sector can improve the future of public administration. The program is not a training course and will be based around three key themes, structured as follows:

  • Panel Sessions – three panel sessions will be based one of the three key themes where a panel of speakers will address a theme and current challenges facing the sector.
  • Group Work – participants will be broken into groups, with each group assigned one of the three key themes to work on throughout the program.
  • SES Sponsors – an SES sponsor will be allocated to each theme and will chair that panel session, meeting with the group once to discuss the theme.
  • Panel Presentations – each group will be required to give a 5-minute presentation to the panel of SES sponsors at the final session.

Who can apply?

The program seeks emerging and future leaders who are passionate, established and engaged about the public sector in their workplace, with aspirations of progressing to middle management roles. As a guide, participants should be at the APS5 to EL1 level, or equivalent levels for private sector or academia. Please note this program is not open to people undertaking a graduate program.

Program format

The Program is delivered annually and will be structured as follows: 

  • Welcome Launch (2 hour event)
  • Session 1: Theme 1 (2 hour event)
  • Session 2: Theme 2 (2 hour event)
  • Session 3: Theme 3 (2 hour event)
  • Finale Group Presentations (2 hour event)

Nomination and cost

The program is only open to Corporate Members of IPAA ACT. Each Corporate member will be allocated a place (or two) on the Program to ensure that no one misses out on a place. Interested participants will be required to fill in a nomination form, which will need to be endorsed by a delegate at the SES level, or equivalent. Nominations will be managed internally by your organisation.

The total cost of the program is $690 per participant (GST inclusive) which is run on a cost-recovered basis. 

2017 Program

Nominations for the 2017 program are now closed. The next Program will run in early 2018.


For more information about the Program please contact Tania O'Neil in the IPAA office or 02 6154 9800.

  • Future Leaders Program Documents
  • Program
  • 2017 Program and Dates
  • 2017 Nomination Form
  • Launch - 10 August
  • Session 1 - 31 August
  • Session 2 - 14 September
  • Session 3 -  12 October
  • Finale - 2 November