2019 Public Sector Innovation Awards

The 2019 Public Sector Innovation Awards were open for nominations until 26 April. These Awards have been held annually since 2016 to recognise, celebrate and share innovative work in the Australian Public Service and the ACT Public Service.

Purpose of the Awards

A successful public service is one that can find new and better ways of doing things, and that can solve problems in new ways. It is one where new ideas are tried and tested, and where old approaches are phased out and replaced with new, more suitable and effective methods. It is one that is innovative.

The Public Sector Innovation Awards were created to better recognise and celebrate the innovative work that occurs within the public service. Importantly, they provide a platform to share innovative approaches across the public service and to encourage others to adopt more innovative approaches to public administration.

2019 Awards Key Dates

Why nominate?

Have you or your colleagues been involved with trying to design and deliver better, more innovative public services? The Public Sector Innovation Awards are seeking to recognise these efforts and:

  • highlight the innovation happening within the public sector;
  • spread the good ideas that have been put into practice, and the lessons learnt; and
  • foster a culture that supports and celebrates people and agencies doing things differently.

Assessment and recognition

Nominations will be shortlisted through an assessment process, with finalists asked to give a presentation to a panel of judges.

In submitting a nomination, nominees agree that information from their nomination may be used by IPAA and the PSIN to promote the Awards,including case studies and presentations. Finalists and winners may be required to participate in post awards activities.

Awards Categories

Awards will be given in three categories: Citizen Centred Innovation, Digital and Data; and Culture and Capability. There will also be a Judges' Award for a nomination that stands out from the crowd. For descriptions of these categories click here.

Changes in 2019

The Awards have been updated in 2019 to streamline the number of questions, including a lower word count for nominations.

Finalists will be offered training for ‘The Pitch’ this year, which will be held during Innovation Month.


Any individual or team of a Commonwealth or ACT Government entity may nominate an initiative for the Awards, with each agency limited to 3 nominations.

Nominations can either be for yourself and any others involved in the relevant work, or for colleagues that you have seen doing innovative initiatives (with their permission). They can be large in scale and impact or small and related to iterative and nnovative work.

Nominations may be for initiatives that are quite new or well-established.  We encourage innovations that may not have been successful but where there were valuable lessons or insights.

It is at the discretion of the nominating organisation as to whether nominations are managed centrally. However, all nominations must be endorsed by an SES officer (or equivalent).


Please contact Paulette Paterson, who oversees Digital and Innovation at IPAA, on 02 6154 9800.

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