IPAA ACT President

IPAA ACT is governed by an elected Council of twenty members, including a current departmental Secretary as President. Frances Adamson took up the position of President on 8 September 2017.

 Frances Adamson
 Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
 IPAA ACT President


Past Presidents

IPAA ACT thanks our past presidents for their leadership and dedication in promoting excellence and professionalism in public administration.

 Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM FIPAA
 Secretary of the Department of the Environment and Energy
 Immediate Past President, 2016-2017

 Glenys Beauchamp PSM FIPAA
 Secretary of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
 President, 2013-2016

 Andrew Metcalfe AO FIPAA
 Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
 President, 2010-2013

 Auditor-General for Australia
 President, 2008-2010

Secretary of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
 President, 2006-2008


Former Presidents (2006 and earlier)

IPAA ACT has a rich heritage, dating back to the 1950's when the organisation was originally formed. Presidents have included Sir John Crawford for the period 1955-1957, after whom the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy was named. From the mid 1990's onwards, it has been convention to have a Secretary occupy the position of President.

Michael Taylor AO                    2004-2006 – Secretary, Department of Transport and Regional Services
Robert Cornall AO                    2002-2004 – Secretary, Attorney-General’s Department
Ken Matthews AO                     2000-2002 – Secretary, Department of Transport and Regional Services
Andrew Podger AO                  1998-2000 – Secretary, Department of Health and Aged Care
Dr Allan Hawke AC                    1996-1998 – Secretary, Department of Transport and Regional Services
Lionel Woodward AO               1994-1996 – CEO, Australian Customs Service
Pam O’Neil                                1992-1994 – Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner
John Taylor AO                        1990-1992 – Auditor-General, Australian National Audit Office
David Shand                             1989-1990 – First Assistant Secretary, Department of Finance
Dr Claire Clark                          1987-1989 – organisation unknown, discovery continuing (click here if you know more)
Norman Fisher AO                   1985-1987 – Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Board
Dr Roy Cameron                       1983-1984 – Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Philip Flood AO                        1981-1983 – Chief Executive for Special Trade Negotiations
Justice Rae Else-Mitchell        1979-1981 – Chairman, Legal Aid Commission ACT
Professor Lindsay Curtis AO  1976-1978 – Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department
Don Steele Craik                       1975-1977 – Auditor-General of Australia
Dr Roger Wettenhall                 1973-1975 – Canberra College of Advanced Education
Walter Ives                                1971-1973 – Secretary, Department of Primary Industry
Sir Peter Heydon                      1969-1970 – Secretary, Department of Immigration
E E Crichton                             1967-1969 – Commonwealth Public Service Board
G E Pettit                                  1965-1967 – organisation unknown, discovery continuing (click here if you know more)
Robert Hyslop                          1963-1965 – Assistant Secretary, Department of Defence (Naval and Personnel)
Professor Robert Parker         1961-1963 – Head of Political Science, ANU
F L McCay                                1959-1961 – organisation unknown, discovery continuing (click here if you know more)
Professor Fin Crisp                 1957-1959 - Head of Political Science, ANU
J G Crawford                            1955-1957 – Secretary, Department of Commerce and Agriculture
W E Dunk                                  1953-1954 – Chairman, Commonwealth Public Service Board