IPAA ACT Corporate Members

Commonwealth Departments and Agencies

IPAA ACT determines corporate membership for Commonwealth departments and agencies based on the type of organisation, using the ‘Flipchart of PGPA Act Commonwealth entities and companies’ from the Department of Finance. 

The flipchart is used to determine whether certain government bodies fall under the membership umbrella of parent agencies, or, whether they require seperate corporate membership. You can view the Flipchart on the Department of Finance web site here.

If an organisation appears on the flipchart then it is considered a separate entity and should seek separate membership of IPAA ACT. In contrast, if it does not appear on the flip chart, they fall under the parent agency's corporate membership.

IPAA ACT corporate membership is specific to staff based in the ACT. Currently, there is not a national IPAA membership offering. However, IPAA membership is available in each state and territory through the relevant IPAA divisions

If you require further information regarding IPAA ACT corporate membership for Government departments and agencies, please contact our Membership Manager