CEF | Evaluation of Targeting Resources to Disadvantaged Jodseekers

IPAA and the CEF welcomed Patrick Hamshere, from the Department of Employment who discussed the draft working paper, “The Effect of Targeting Labour Market Programmes Towards the Disadvantaged: An Analysis of Streaming in Job Services Australia”. The paper evaluates the effect of targeting resources within the former labour market program, Jobs Services Australia, between 2012 and 2015. A key focus of the discussion was about what extent the targeting of resources towards the disadvantaged affects their labour market outcomes, compared to an untargeted program. The session provided useful insights on the evaluation of a program with complex economic and social issues.

Employment is a key enabler for social and economic wellbeing both for individuals and for society as a whole. Maximising employment for Australians is a key priority for Government and it is critical for finite resources to be targeted effectively to programs.

Patrick Hamshere
    Department of Employment

Patrick is an economist in the Evaluation, Research and Evidence Branch at the Department of Employment. Prior to this he was an economist at the Department of Finance and at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

To view Patrick's powerpoint, click here. 


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