EA Masterclass (Short Hits of Training - SHOTs)

IPAA and the Executive Assistants across the public sector joined in a unique delivery of SHOTs which provides a succinct insight into relevant subject matter. The SHoTs were focussed around key themes of interest; technology, time management and conflict management.

The SHoTs were delivered by Fiona Oliver and Ursula Kohler, both leaders in delivering a wide variety of programs to Executive Assistants across the public administration sector.

  • Fiona Oliver, Executive Consultant and PEP Coach
    Fiona has been with PEPworldwide since 2002 but has been using PEP since 1997 when she held a senior role at RMIT. She has extensive management and leadership experience in both the private and public sector. 
  • Ursula Kohler, Founder and Director, Capital EA
    Ursula is challenge driven, and thrives in busy environments. With over 20 years’ experience as an EA/PA, Ursula has worked with and supported some of Australia's most recognised and rewarded individuals.

To view Fiona and Ursula's powerpoint, please click here