Secretary Series

IPAA ACT occupies a privileged position working with a number of key leaders across the public sector. The Secretary Series was established to provide opportunities for Secretaries, through the provision of a platform, to reflect on their portfolio, identify challenges they face and, discuss and debate issues of relevance to the public sector.

In August 2015, IPAA launched it's first Secretary Series with Kathryn Campbell CSC, Secretary of the Department of Human Services who addressed a room of 200 attendees on Service Delivery Reform. Since this series launch, IPAA hosted many more sold out Secretary Series events in 2016. Two Secretary Series are scheduled for 2017. To find out more information click on the below links.

2018 Secretary Series - Resources Available

2017 Secretary Series - Resources Available

2016 Secretary Series - Resources Available

IPAA Book "Twelve Speeches 2016"

Due to an impressive array of addressess delivered as part of the Secretary Series and the IPAA ACT Conference in 2016, IPAA has published a book titled Twelve Speeches 2016 which captures transcripts from the Prime Minister, the former Cabinet Secretary and ten high profile Secretaries. To find out more information about the book or grab a copy click here.

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